K-Chem, Inc. Has Updated All Of Our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) To The Requirements Of Today’s Standards

10/14/2016 -
Streamline SDS and Labels

K-Chem, Inc. has posted on our website the current SDS on our products. These new forms put the global world on the same page. The Hazard Communication Standard has been revised by OSHA to align with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), the result of which will include substantial changes to the MSDS. This has taken the typical MSDS of 14 sections to the GHS standard of 16 sections. With this change we now have GHS symbols on all SDS. These GHS symbols must now appear on each matching label for each matching SDS. So stay tuned as we provide the products that keep your company or organization maintained with the K-Chem promise!

K-Chem, Inc. Is Happy To Announce That We Are Now Able To Streamline Our News To You For Your Benefit Of Frequent Updates

09/13/2016 -
Streamline News Now Available

K-Chem, Inc. is happy to share with you our new found capabilities! We have now harnessed the power of the web. Starting September 26, we will begin posting all new and relevant regulations regarding DOT standards. The upcoming posting will help you, our valued customers to gain more knowledge about what is going on in the industry as it pertains to shipping, SDS, and labels. So stay tuned as we provide the products that keep your company or organization maintained with the K-Chem promise!

K-Chem, Inc. Is Happy To Announce That We Now Have A Good Looking Mobile Friendly Website.

06/09/2015 -
We Now Have A Mobile Friendly Websites

K-Chem, Inc. is trying to catch up with the art of using Social Medias. We have finally figured out how to generate a good looking Mobile Friendly Website that reads, looks, navigates, and searches well. It actually gives all the details and information our website does, by linking back to our website. It impressed us. We have looked at various tools & web programs to help make our website mobile friendly and have not liked the outcome or cost. But now we are looking and reading really good. Try it yourself checking out or website from your mobile phone. Let us know what you think. Thanks.

K-Chem, Inc. Would Like To Thank All Our Dear and Special Customers,

Thank you for being our valued customers. We are grateful for the privilege of serving you and meeting your Chemical needs. On behalf of all of us at K-Chem, Inc., we wish you a very Bountiful Thanksgiving and a Joyous Holiday Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Warm Wishes,
From all of us at K-Chem, Inc.

K-Chem, Inc. Is Adding Known Mil Specs and National Stock Numbers To Our Appropriate Products

11/12/2014 -
We Have Established Mil Specs and NSN To Our Products

K-Chem, Inc. is excited about reminding all of our Mil Specs and (NSN) National Stock Numbers we have established on several of our exceptional products. Our product K-Chem CARC Paint Stripper III, was built for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland and they tested our CARC Paint Stripper III against several competing brands. We blew the competition away. Read the Report The Mil Spec for this product is MIL-R-81294 TY1 CL1. The more detailed Technical Data Sheet on our product can be found here

Another Mil Spec we have is MIL-PRF-680, Type II which belongs to our product Greaseater. This is a special Parts Washer Solution that has been Approved by California's Indoor Clean Air Act. Please see the details in this Technical Data Sheet

Our product K-Chem 500 Plus has several NSN (National Stock Numbers). The detailed Tech Data Sheet explaining the special usage of this product is here It can be used in an oil/water separating system because it splits out the oil from the water, plus does an excellent job of cleaning. Our NSN's are 6850-01-506-9967 - 6/1 Gal Case – DG68B and 6850-01-506-9970 - 5 Gal Can – DG68C and 6850-01-506-9974 – 55 Gal Drum – DG68D5. We look forward to supplying you with these special products and as always we appreciate doing business with you.

K-Chem, Inc. Is Adding New Products to Our Line and Updating Tech Data Sheets and MSDS's

10/20/2014 -
We Are Excited About the New Products We Have Developed

K-Chem, Inc. is excited about our new product K-Chem 500 D. This product has a unique formulation and very powerful cleaning/degreasing ability. Please go to to learn more about this product. Times have changed and requirements on MSDS's have changed as well. So K-Chem, Inc. is in the process of updating both our Tech Data Sheets and well as our MSDS's. Please visit our website often to down load these new Tech Data Sheets and MSDS's.

K-Chem, Inc. Creates New Blog For Our Website

07/28/2014 -
Our New Blog Went Live Offering Customers SPECIALS As Well As Helpful Info On Many Multi-Applicational Products and Seasonal Products

Our purpose here is to give our customers the opportunity to share even more functions that a product provides beyond the original purpose of the product. By sharing they will receive a SPECIAL the next time they purchase the product. Also we provide information on seasonal products from the Maintenance/MRO, to Housekeeping/Cleaning, to Insecticides/Herbicides/Misc. Have fun with your re-occurring visits to our blog.

K-Chem, Inc. Makes Improvements To K-Chem 2002 Safety Solvent  

04/14/14 -
We Are Excited About The New Spray Pattern We Moved To On K-Chem 2002 Safety Solvent

K-Chem, Inc. has changed the spray pattern on our very popular product K-Chem 2002 Safety Solvent. The new spray pattern gives this product a stronger more forceful spray as well as a tighter stream spray instead of a fan spray. We had customers test the new spray pattern and all preferred this new spray pattern. So we have now made an improvement on an already popular product. We are thrilled with the results and grateful for the continued business and support of our customers. Please call us at 205-592-0844 and ask your questions or place your order. We look forward to doing business with you.

K-Chem, Inc. Offers Tips On Cleaning Institutional Kitchens

02/17/14 -
K-Chem, Inc. Offers 4 Unique Products Essential For Cleaning Industrial Kitchens

K-Chem, Inc. Heavy Duty Industrial Foam Cleaner will clean stove tops, counter tips, microwaves, ovens, hoods and ranges,back splash, bread racks,, refrigerators, sinks, and much more. This is a special foamingcleaner that clings to surface to do the work for you. Spray, let stand, as foam begins todissipate you wipe clean. Can agitate if needed. No rinsing required. If you want a liquid RTUproduct then you want our Industrial Kleaner RTU . Now if you want a concentrated liquid that can do all the above then you want our K-Chem500. One of the best floor cleaners especially for porcelain tile is 2K Jell Soap. You will begrateful that you read this information and purchased these products.

K-Chem, Inc. Puts Attention to Social Medias

02/03/14 - K-Chem, Inc. Is Focusing On Our Social Medias Such as Facebook, Twitter,Google Plus, and Linkedin

K-Chem, Inc. is promoting on K-Chem's Facebook Page "Cleaning Tips" weekly. Each weekwe present a new K-Chem, Inc. Brand Product and describe its cleaning advantages andfunctions. For those people who want more information, we link them to our website pagethat features that particular product. We try to relate similar information on our Twitter Page,our Google + Page, and in Linkedin. Please let us know what "Cleaning Subject" you areinterested in such as bathroom or bathhouse cleaning, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning,equipment cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. And we will feature the products that relate to the"Cleaning Subject" you are most interested in. Just email us at or call us at 205-592-0844. We look forward to doing business with you.

K-Chem, Inc. Creates A New And Improved Oil/Water Dispersant Degreaser

01/17/14 - We Are Excited About Our New And Much Stronger Oil/Water Dispersant Degreaser We Call RESOLVE M2

K-Chem, Inc. has been fortunate to have our excellent K-Chem 500 Plus Oil/Dispersant Degreaser. It has been approved my military and has 3 assigned National Stock Numbers. However, we have wanted to enhance and improve the degreasing quality of our product. We work with a remarkable lab and they have created for us an even stronger degreaser that has the new chemistry, which gives it a balance between cleaning, oil emulsification and degreasing. It adds the WOW to Oil/Dispersant Degreaser. If you have a zero discharge effluent treatment system or oil/water separator discharge to sewer system, then you need our RESOLVE M2. Please call us at 205-592-0844 and ask your questions or place your order. We look forward to doing business with you.

K-Chem, Inc. Launches New Website

11/18/13 - K-Chem, Inc. Now Has A Modern Website with Easier Navigation Tools

K-Chem, Inc. has gone through many learning curves and in doing so she has not only modernized her website, but has also used redirects, meta tags, etc, to re-generate activities experienced by her archived website. Through this huge learning curve we wish great success to K-Chem, Inc. with her new updated website.

K-Chem, Inc. Prepares for Changing Seasons

10/10/13 - K-Chem, Inc. Prepares for New Fall Chemical Promotions for the Changing Seasons

Our Sales Team is excited to present our promotions on such products as Winterized Windshield Wash Concentrated Fluid, De-Icer for locks & windshields & roads, SBS40 to moisturize & medicate & heal & protect rough dry cracking hands. There are still many more products. Please contact your sales rep.

K-Chem, Inc. Announces Exciting Opportunities.

9/25/13 - K-Chem, Inc. has job opening for qualified salesperson.

We are looking for the right person to generate sales to Military and Government facilities. Applications accepted at and can be mailed to K-Chem, Inc., P. O. Box 530632, Birmingham, AL 35253

K-Chem, Inc.’s Office

8/10/2013 - We have completed some remodeling.

Our office at 213 39th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35222, has undergone some remodeling. We are pleased with the outcome. Our office hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Our phone number is 205-592-0844. And of course, our Office location is at 213 39th Street South and our Warehouse location is 3908 3rd Avenue South. We are on the corner where 39th Street South and 3rd Avenue South intersect. We are actually located in a Hubzone. This area of Avondale and Woodlawn are growing very nicely. New businesses, restaurants, and Park are now in our area. We look forward to seeing you when you come by K-Chem, Inc.

K-Chem, Inc. says this is the season for BUGS!

7/21/13 - Want to get rid of BUGS?

K-Chem, Inc. can help. We have our great Anti-Crawl product that kills roaches and ants and other crawling insects instantly and can be used all over the house or office, inside and out. It has a pleasant smell and has a 6-week residual, which means it keeps working and working for up to 6-weeks. Here is more information

We also have our most valuable Wasp, Hornet, Yellow Jacket, and Bee Killer product. It has the 20 foot shot, immediate kill, high dielectric strength, and not only kills wasp and hornet, but kills yellow jackets as well! It also leaves a residual, which keeps killing for a week. So if you are with a utilities company, tree company, you can use our product and remain in the area of the spraying and continue to work because of the drop-dead kill and residual kill. Gotta love it. For more info go to