Product Information Sheet

Product Name: Deep Luster


Item Number: PO34Q


Description: This product contains a combination of waxes to impart a tough, protective finish. Silicones are added to impart a high gloss to all non-porous surfaces. This product is formulated with special solvents and cleaning agents to aid in removal of most oil and water soluble stains. This product will clean and protect furniture, woodwork, cabinets, Formica counter tops, appliances, metal, ceramic wall tile, leather, etc. Application is easy with no hard buffing to achieve high gloss on Furniture, Paneling, Office machines, Telephones, Cabinets, etc.


Directions: Wipe off furniture with a soft cloth or duster. Apply small amount of polish with a soft cloth. Allow to dry a few minutes but not completely. Buff with a very soft cloth. Repeat if furniture is exceptionally soiled.


Exposure: This product may cause moderate to severe irritation and possible tissue damage to eyes depending on exposure. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may occur upon ingestion. Prolonged skin contact may cause moderate irritation, defatting, and dermatitis.


CAUTION: It is recommended that protective gloves and safety glasses be worn when using this product. Refer to MSDS for additional safety information.


Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Keep container closed when not in use. This product is designed exclusively for industrial and institutional use by trained personnel.


Product Specifications:

Classification: Furniture Polish

General Appearance: Creamy Liquid

Color: White

Odor: Floral

pH: 7.0

Boiling Point: >212 F

Specific Gravity: 1.00 


HMIS RATING: Health 1, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0, Personal Protection B

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