Product Information Sheet



Item Number: 4130


Description: SPECIAL FORMULA DEGREASER 4130 helps companies meet their “Green Mandate” by providing a concentrated, water based, environmentally safe, cleaner-degreaser designed for use with both cold and heated high pressure washers. Crafted by experts with over twenty years of experience and education in the development and technical support of environmentally preferred specialty cleaners, Special Formula Degreaser 4130 attacks, quickly breaks down and safely removes dirt, exhaust soot, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and fuel residue, as well as a variety of soils, leaving a residue clean surface. It can also be very effective when used as a pre-soak solution prior to steam cleaning.


Benefits: It’s time to stop using hazardous VOC solvents to clean and degrease your heavy machinery and hard working vehicles, and start using the most user friendly, cost effective and 100% readily biodegradable cleaner-degreaser on the market today . . . SPECIAL FORMULA DEGREASER 4130.


CLEANS AND DEGREASES: • Industrial equipment • Trucks • Engines • Tankers • Fleet vehicles • Military vehicles • Construction equipment • Farm equipment


ADDITIONAL BENEFITS INCLUDE: • A superior cleaner • No odor • Non-hazardous • No hazardous waste • Low VOC’S • Non-combustible • Requires no respirator or special hazardous training


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