Product Information Sheet

K-Chem 2002 Safety Solvent


Item Number: SO100A (Aerosol) SO100D5 (Bulk)


Description: This product is a new non-chlorinated low odor multi-purpose solvent for a variety of industrial degreasing applications. It is non-flammable, fast drying, nonconductive, residue-free and is not subject to regulations under SARA, HAP, or RCRA. It has solvency and cleaning performance equivalent to 1,1,1,-trichloroethane and its low viscosity allows for good penetration in difficult to clean crevices, making it an ideal solvent for us e in a variety of precision cleaning applications. Under normal aerosol spray use, this product is safe on many plastics and elastomers such as HDPE, polypropylene, phenolics, polyvinyl fluoride, polyurethane and many others; however, certain plastics such as ABS, PVC, polycarbonates and others maybe effected. It is compatible with most metals such as aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, magnesium and zinc.


Benefits: K-Chem 2002 Safety Solvent is a safety solvent degreaser which is non-ozone depleting, non-chlorinated solvent, non-flammable, non-conductive to 24,000 volts, fast drying, leaves no residue, low odor, and high solvency. Specially formulated for removing oil, grease, and is a solvent degreaser for industrial and electronics maintenance. The advanced chemistry combines the best performance attributes of chlorinated solvents with the low individual/environmental impact requirements of the modern industrial workplace.


Where to Use: The outstanding property of this product is its rapid drying and flushing action that leaves surface completely clean and residue free. It is used in industrial operations and in oil field services. It is used in air conditioning maintenance, machine shops, boat yards, school bus yards, engine and motor rebuilders, equipment manufacturers, and construction companies. It is recommended as a surface degreaser to use in the following: engine parts motors, winding bearings, gear relays, generators starters, production machinery printing equipment, assemblies of electrical equipment, gas, water and electric meters.

Spill Or Leakage Procedures:  Extinguish ignition or combustion sources. Keep up wind of spill. Stop leak. Aerosol cans when vented to atmospheric pressure through normal use pose no disposal hazard.
Product Specifications:

Wt./16oz. can: 12 Oz. (340 grams)

KB Value: 126

General Appearance: Clear

Color: Colorless

Odor: Sweet

pH: N/A

Vapor Density [Air=1]: 4.3          

Flammability: Not flammable per USA Flame Projection Test

CAS Numbers:  n-Propyl Bromide 106-94-5; Carbon Dioxide Propellent 124-38-9 
HMIS Rating:  Health-2; Flammability-1; Reactivity-0; Personal Protection-G
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