Product Information Sheet

Product Name: KNOCK OUT


Item Number: TU05B


Description:This liquid herbicide is composed of chlorinated phenols, Bromacil, 2,4-0 ester and Sure-Aim in an oil vehicle, Insolubility of the herbicide in water minimizes leveling of pesticide into the ground. The unique oil vehicle selected only after extensive research, combines the important properties with the ability to rapidly penetrate even waxy vegetation. It and the chlorinated phenols provide a contact or "Top Kill" of succulent vegetation. The 2,4-0 absorbs through the leaves and quickly trans-locates to the root system. This root absorption of the 2,4-0 in combination with Bromacil results also in broadleaf and grass root kill as well as extended residual control. Sure-Aim anti-mist helps reduce the previously uncontrollable drift and misting characteristics typical of liquid weed control chemicals. It works to prevent waste by keeping the liquid application within the designed target area resulting in material savings. Thus, there is more uniform concentration of treatment per acre, less danger of drift damage to adjacent crops or other desirable vegetation and less drift on personnel or equipment.


USE: This product is a highly effective, persistent, nonselective, general herbicide for extended control of a wide range of undesirable weeds and grasses. It is not recommended for cropland areas. This product offers positive results when used as directed in such areas as industrial yards, institutional yards, buildings, tank farms, storage areas, bridges and pipelines. Application of this herbicide is recommended wherever weeds or grasses interfere with drainage, create a fire hazard or present an unsightly appearance. It should be applied after the most predominant weeds have emerged. It is to be used as is, with no agitation required. Maximum results and minimum spray time will be accomplished when carefully following label directions. The elimination of mixing or diluting the chemical with water results in considerable savings in labor and application costs.



Appearance Dark Liquid
Odor Characteristic
Selectivity Non-selective
Type Contact and Root Action
Leaching Action None, Water Insoluble
Residual Action Excellent
Freeze- Thaw Keep from Freezing
Spray Drift Inhibited
Total Active 97.9%Min.
Viscosity (CPS) 5
Flash Point (COe) 165 F.
Sediment 0.25 % Max.
EPA Reg. No 2155-52
Specific Gravity 0.910
Acute Oral Toxicity (LDso) 5.6 gm/kg
Weight/Gal. 7.60 Ibs.


APPLICATION: This product is ready for application as supplied. No diluting, mixing or agitation is needed. It can be applied in various ways: sprinkling can, pressurized hand sprayers, motor driven sprayers, truck-bed mounted sprayers or even with railroad on-track spraying equipment.


SPECTRUM: This non-selective herbicide effectively kills and controls vegetation by direct contact as well as by root penetration. A partial list of weeds destroyed by this product include: ANNUAL WEEDS - Broomsedge, cheatgrass, crabgrass, fox tail, lamb's-quarter, mullein, ragweed, ryegrass, wild oats. PERENNIAL WEEDS - Asters, bouncing bet, bracken fern, dandelion, dog fennel, goldenrod, Johnson grass, plantain, saltgrass.


ACTIVITY: This weed killer is designed to do a de-weeding job dramatically and thoroughly. Quick knockdown, as well as long lasting residual control, is provided by the "multiple attack" action of this product. By direct contact action, treated broad leaf annuals show initial symptoms within thirty minutes, and by 6 to 8 hours the brown, wilted appearances testify to its effectiveness. This weed killer attacks systematically as well, with . a herbicide which soaks through the leaves and quickly passes through the sap system to kill roots. One thorough treatment, best applied in late spring or early summer, usually lasts for an entire season. .Unlike conventional non-selective herbicides that are leached out of the soil due to water solubility, this product really lasts. Because the soil retains residua I herbicide, weed reinfestation is prevented. Conscientious professional handling should be exercised and label instructions always followed explicitly. (See comparative toxicity data.)


POTENTIAL USERS: A partial list of the market awaiting this product is listed below:

Airport directors

Warehouse facilities

City engineers

Wholesale houses

Construction engineers

Railway sidings

Fire departments

Roadside clearance

Highway departments


Industrial plant3

Driveway edges

Pipe lines

Fence rows

Parking & Car sales areas

Free drainage areas

Land developers

Highway guardrails

Petroleum tank farms

Highway & advertising signs

Pipe line companies

Storage areas

Utility companies

Utility poles

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