Product Information Sheet

Product Name: Koncentrated Windshield Washer Fluid


Item Number: AU13


Description: This product is a premium washer concentrate, which exhibits excellent cleaning capabilities to effectively remove bugs, road-film, oils, and ice while minimizing streaking and hazing. It is an exceptional product for economical cleaning as it performs at dilution ratios of 8:1 with water. Fast cleaning and economical 8:1 dilution will provide a superior end use product and phenomenal savings for you, the customer.




    ·             Dilutes 8:1

    ·         Saves Money

    ·         Is non-freezing down to 18 degrees

    ·         Provides Excellent cleaning properties

    ·         De-Ices windshields

    ·         Does not streek

    ·         Dilutes 10:1 down to 32 degrees

    ·         Dilutes 8:1 down to 18 degrees

    ·         Dilutes 4:1 down to 0 degrees

    ·         Dilutes 1:1 down to MINUS -20 degrees

    ·         Full strength down to MINUS -30 degrees


Packaged and  Sold As: 


  • 55 gallon drums

  • 30 gallon drums


When Handling all cleaning chemicals:


  • Wear eye protection

  • Wear gloves

  • Keep out of reach of children

  • For Industrial and Commercial Uses Only


Click here to view the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.