K-Chem, Inc. offers practical and environmentally sound products for the requirements of the 21st century. Our flexibility offers not only our K-Chem, Inc. Brand Products, but many other popular brands, which you can find by clicking on All Products Listing. We have an inventory of hundreds of top quality solutions for your maintenance, repair, and operational needs. Below you can see the different categories we have developed such as Degreasers, Solvents, Penetrating Lubricants, Building Maintenance, Janitorial Cleaners, and many more categories. Please do not hesitate to call us at 205-592-0844 or email us at: We look forward to helping you find that right product and we appreciate your business.

Degreasers Aluminum Brightener Eat-Crete
  Heavy Duty Industrial Foam Cleaner Industrial Kleaner RTU
  K-Chem 500 & K-Chem 500 Plus K-Chem 500 Non-Phosphate
  K-Chem Equipment Wash K-Chem Excel
  Limeaway Power Foam
  Rust Inhibitor Special Formula Degreaser
  Spray 'N Away SuperXXX
Solvents Air Duster Coil Cleaning Foam
  Coil Cleaning Solvent Electron
  Fast Solvent Degreaser Greaseater
  K-Chem 2000 Safety Solvent K-Chem 2002 Safety Solvent
  K-Chem 2004 Safety Solvent Kontact Kleaner II
  Kontact Kleaner III Kontact Kleaner IV
  Kontact Kleaner V Kwik Dry
  Mr. Kwik Right Stuff
  Shoot Out Spotter Solv-300
  Solv-Klean Vortex
Coatings Adhesive Spray Epoxi-Patch Tube Kit
  Metal Parts Protector Rust Guard/Exterrminator
  Welders Anti Spatter Zinc Galvanize
Penetrating Lubricants Lubricator Nut Buster
  Penetrant Gel Lubricant Rust Break'r
Greases Grease-Gun-In-A-Can Lithium E.P. Grease
  Moly Grease PL-10 Power Lift Grease
  Slip Shot II Super Impact Grease
  White Lithium Grease  
Specialty Lubricants Anti Seize Lubricant Cutting Fluid
  Dry Moly Dry Silicone
  Gear & Chain Lubricant Synthetic Coolant
Automotive & Fleet Maintenance Armour Plate Battery Protector
  Battery Terminal Protector Belt Dressing
  CFD5 Diesel Fuel Stabilizer Choke & Carburetor Cleaner
  Heavy Duty Industrial Foam Cleaner Ice-Melt
  K-Chem 500 K-Chem CARC Paint Stripper III
  K-Chem Equipment Wash K-Chem Kar Wash
  K-Chem Truck Wash K-ChemTruck Wash Non-Phosphate
  Koncentrated Windshield Washer Fluid Paint, Gasket & Decal Remover
  Shine All Sweeping Compound
  Wet Look  
Hand Care Citra-Scrub Klean Hands
  Premoistened Wipes Rough Touch & Soft Touch
  SBS 40 Scrubs in a Bucket - Turbo Towels
  Skin Shield - Barrier Cream Sock-It
  Top to Bottom Tough Touch
Building Maintenance Anti-Clog Blockade
  Boiler Treatment BWT-101 Coil-Brite
  Con Cure Halt
  Heavy Industrial Foam Cleaner K-Chem 500
  Liquidate Oven & Grill Cleaner
  Red Hot Super-Black
  Super-Blue Super-Clear
  Super-Red Super-White
Janitorial Cleaners 2K Jell Soap Ammoniated Glass Kleaner
  Blu-Lite Cancel
  Clearinse Deep Luster
  Deodorant Plus Do-It-All
  Dust Mop Treatment Fresh
  Formula 900 Fuller Industrial Germicide
  Furniture Polish W/Wax Heavy Duty Industrial Foam Cleaner
  Hi-Genic Industrial Kleaner RTU
  Klear Glass Painless Stainless 
  Q-128 Scaleaway
  Spray Mister 100 Stainless Steel Cleaner
  Tile and Grout Kleaner Window Cleaner 
Insecticides Anti-Crawl Back-Flip
  Fire Ant Injector Spray High Pressure Insect Bomb
  Insect Repellant Tilon Rat Bait
  Wasp, Hornet, Yellow Jacket and Bee Killer X-100 DEET
Herbicides Ex-It Knock Out
  Liquid VIII Repco-Kill II
Absorbents Absorbent Mat - All Sizes General Sock - All Sizes
  Industrial Floor Absorbent Original Sock - All Sizes
  Sphag Sorb Universal Bonded Pads - All Sizes
Floor Care & Carpet Care Accolade Answer Multi-use Carpet Cleaner
  Cancel Excel
  Nova X Offense
  Shoot Out Spotter UHS Combo